Can a 'Box of Nothing' change your world?

Below is the "box of nothing".    Nothing, but your ideas, dreams and stories.
Most web sites are filled with something.  This Website is filled with nothing.
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We believe that the new version of Google Docs, used in just the right way, can change people lives.
Thanks to all the IWearYourShirt fans who helped us launch Sunday April 25th 2010.

Here is the front page as of 4-25-2010 9:17pm AZ time
We Love it. 

Here is the front page as of 4-26-2010 10:13pm AZ time
An awesome ending to the second day.  Thanks!

Here is the front page as of 4/27/2010 11:28 AZ Time.
I like the color. 

Front Page as of 4/28/2010
Very visual, full of life. Thanks.

Front Page as of 4/29/2010
Which way to go, that is the question.

Front Page as of 4/30/2010

Front Page as of 5/1/2010
One more day of evolution

Front Page as of 5/2/2010
Mr Rogers Rocks!

Front Page as of 5/3/2010
I made all the changes today

Front Page as of 5/4/2010
Here is the Time Magazine  link from the box below 

Front Page as of 5/5/2010